Live well.
It means different things to different people, and at different chapters in our lives. To live well is to love and be loved. To build a satisfying career. To enjoy good friends. To see our children happy and healthy—and their children too. And when these chapters are complete, a new chapter of living well means savoring the delight and satisfaction that have been so richly earned.


Resident guests of The Homestead live very well in our comfortable, gracious home in the heart of Madison. We pay thoughtful attention to the personal needs and preferences of each guest, taking care of the details of everyday life from cooking and cleaning to laundry and shopping.
Freed of those worries and chores, resident guests enjoy the luxury of time and the assistance to do what they enjoy most—whether that's hosting a tea party for their family and friends, enjoying a movie together in the living room, or reading quietly in their suite.


We feel honored at The Homestead to help our resident guests live well and enjoy a fulfilling chapter of their lives. As a family-owned and operated hospitality business spanning three generations, we consider our resident guests and their family members part of our own family. And for our resident guests, The Homestead is a warm, welcoming community that becomes an extended family of choice.


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